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My name is Irene B. and I am a convinced Free-to-be-Me woman. I want to inspire you, how to move past your suffering from your (current or past) toxic or abusive relationship/marriage. To get your inner strenght back and give you new, fresh insights, which you need to create a free, happy, balanced life. 

For you and your children. Without stress or duress. 

Maybe it is hard to believe for you right now, but it is possible.

Trust me, I know, I've been there..

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Why you might use the PowerMomAcademy?

  • Perhaps you are not sure or are you not ready yet, to acknowledge to yourself, that you are

     involved in a toxic/abusive relationship?

  • Or are you in the middle of a crisis-situation and looking for a way to keep yourself strong?

  •   Or have you already gotten out of your toxic/abusive relationship or marriage and would you  

     like to know what to do next?

If, you've answered 'YES', to any of these questions - you've come to the right place.

Here, you can use the information, self-help programs, courses and books, to find the solution to how to elevate and transform your current personal situation, into a life the way you want to live it - not the way somebody else forces it upon you.

Self-Help Blogs

blog you are not a victim

How to stop feeling like a victim - cause you're not!

blog how to bounce back

How to bounce back when you hit rock bottom

blog create your resources

How to create and use your resources

blog oout your ego to rest

How to put your ego to rest and stop being childish

Online Programs

exit to happiness

the ultimate self-help program           



How To Escape From A Toxic Relationship or Marriage to A Great Life of Happiness & Freedom


exit to getting your life back

powerful and effective online course

"Exit-to-Getting You Life Back"


30 Ways How To Claim Your Life Back After an Abusive Relationship/Marriage

And Make It Even Better Than Before


7 steps to a happy life

insprational & authentic written e-book

"7 Steps To Become Magnetic To A Happy Life"


How I Make my Daily Steps to Bounce Back, Kick Back and Enjoy every Little Victory as a Happy Moment       

My personal, authentic, colourful written e-book mothers, who are determind to survive & grow into a life and lifestyle of their own choosing.


One-on-One Coaching

On location or via Skype

Coachingsessions to complement the other programs or just because you prefere to speak to me one-on-one/face-to-face.

I am not the typical therapist who wants you to go-deep-diving-into-your-past or a psychotherapist who want you to work-through-your-trauma.

My focus is on YOU and on what doesn't seem to work for you at this moment. (so I will not go into the working and understanding of the brain and behaviour of  'your' abuser/narssist)

We will get your own power, energy and goalsetting, activated again. So you will be able to experience your emotional- and fysical personal freedom again.

You will learn, how to be your own healer: for now and in the future, in all your relationships.