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My name is Irene B. and I am a mindset, money & freedom motivator for mompreneurs who want to start & grow their business.

I love to motivate through my books, blogs, online courses, poetic messages on Instagram, my video's at my YouTube channel, my FB page and private FB group, storytelling and through Skype talks.

And of course not to forget, showing a great way to end your coping days on the 'HappyMomToday' page.

You may come at a point in your life, when you realize that you are unhappy and stuck in a life and lifestyle that is far from the expectations you had.

(I know where I went wrong...)

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Online Course

from stress to happiness

From Stress to Happiness

Online Course Featuring:

-unlimited e-mail connection Q&A with Irene

-possibility for complementery 1:1  skype session


One-on-One PowerTalk

inspirational speaking

via Skype or E-mail

PowerTalk to complement the online course 'From Stress to Happiness' or just because you prefere to speak to me 1:1/face-to-face/mail-to-mail.

We will focus on YOU and what doesn't seem to work for you, at this moment.

You will discover which path you want to take & be happy with it all the way, without guilt -filled with courage.


Financial Freedom

learn how to create wealth

"For women that raise children & businesses"

-How to start an online business

-Earn while you learn