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childhood and marriage

My name is Irene B. and I am a mindset, money & freedom motivator for mompreneurs who want to start & grow their business.

The way I like to motivate is through my books, blogs, online courses, poetic messages on Instagram, my video's at my YouTube channel, storytelling, my FB page and group.

You may come at a point in your life, when you realize that you are unhappy and stuck in a life and lifestyle that is far from the expectations you had.

(I know where I went wrong...)

My love for people and places brought me to many European countries but also to the USA and to many Caribbean Islands.

(where I definately lost my heart to the natural vibes from the people as well as the beautiful nature)

During those travels, I learned how to be resourceful and creative and noticed in all of these places - rich or poor- that when women/mothers supported each other, great things were accomplished without stress.

There seem to be a lot more happiness and fun going around.

However, there is a before and after to this great period where I travelled to all those places. 

My childhood

I was brought up in a broken family: my father passed away at a quite a young age, I and was 5 year old at the time.

In the years that followed I watched my mother display absolutely no selfconfidence while terribly managing  (but to her best ability) the everyday challenges of living with a difficult man (the term narscissist was unknown to us at that time) and my sister and me.

I left home at the age of 18.

Marriage & Motherhood

At the age of 35 (after my travelling life)...I got married, had three children and lived in a beautiful well established area.

In the years that followed, it became clear to me that the toxic home situation (psychological abuse & alcoholism) was not a healthy place to stay and to raise the children.

In other words, not a place where me and  my children would be free & happy.

Because of the complicated home situation, I became homeless & pennyless... (three times!) together with my three children.

However, having watched my mother displaying absolutely no selfconfidence, I had promised myself never to allow myself to feel a victim, because it is devastating for children to see their mother giving up on happiness all together.

Going from living in a wealthy area to become homeless and living on wellfare, was a very hard, frightening but also valuable lesson.

It certainly made me and my children very conscious, grateful and strong. Determind to go after our own happiness and independance.

I am grateful and happy to say that I am now living in a lovely house on a beautfull location, which undoubtably came from a vast believe in breaking free & starting over.

Because of my experiences, the idea to start the PowerMomAcademy, seemed like a natural thing to do.

Of course everybody may have a different situation or circumstance where you want to break free from. But in the end it's all got to do with: no guilt but courage.

With love

Irene B.- Mind.Money.Free

Professional Biografy

Personal growth has always been a central point in Irene's life. Already at a young age, she was looking for support and wisdom in books and (self-)studies.

She combined her own life-experiences and her studies Stresscounseling, Massage& Relaxation Therapy and Spritiual Development and started working as a professional motivator/writer and storyteller, in the field of  Breaking Free & Starting Over for women/moms.

It is her deep desire and personal mission to help and support many woman to live & enjoy life as a free-to-be-me woman & a mom, to the upmost.

And that in turn, their children will enjoy being with their mom, whilst growing up and become confident, independant, free and happy adults.